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Chiropractic care is responsible for so much more than back pain relief. If we look at symptoms as the problem and focus solely on removing the symptom, we miss a key component of what chiropractic is and why it is so helpful.

Our body functions as a result of an intricate system of communication between the brain and all the systems and organs of the body. The brain is housed inside the skull and sends messages to and from the body through the spinal cord and nerves. The spinal cord is protected by an armor of bone (the vertebral column). When one or more of the bones in the vertebral column lose their normal position, it can produce a negative effect on the peripheral nerves that exit between them. This could be a symptom (such as pain) or it could result in decreased function of a system (such as the cardiovascular system) or affect a specific organ in the body (such as the liver).

Chiropractic care ensures that the alignment of the vertebral column is restored and that the nervous system can optimally function-the way it was designed. This is how chiropractic affects overall wellness. Since the job of the nervous system is to maintain all the body’s functions, by removing interference in the communication of the nerves, we allow the body to do its job and function most efficiently.

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